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Le GAAPA is an association created 36 years ago, constituted in accordance with the French law of 1901 concerning non-profit organizations. We thank you for your interest and we hope you will join us very soon. Membership is open to all, whether you are a craftsman, an artist or a sculptor.

Anyone can be a patron, whether you are a craftsman or a French craftsmanship lover.
If you wish to support the development of crafts in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, you just need to complete the form bellow and pay the patron fee. This gives you access for a whole year, to all GAAPA information via our newsletter and actively participate in the GAAPA’s development.

Note: applications will be processed as soon as possible by the board on receipt of payment. We remind you that membership shall be subjected to the approval of the board. You will receive a mail once your request is processed.
Membership is valid 12 month. Before subscribing, please read our statutes and internal rules.

Payment by bank transfer : Contact the GAAPA, you will get the bank information by Email

Payment by check : send a check to the following address :

  GAAPA - Catherine MARCOTTE - 15 rue Vieille Boucherie - 64100 BAYONNE FRANCE

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